VINOflux in practice
VINOflux is very easily integrated in the winemaking workflow
in 2 steps.

Step 1: The cellar master determines the grade of maturity which is most desirable to him. Therefore he retains about 70 ml of his wine as testing material and fills it in a test-tube to be inserted in the VINOflux box. After a short period of time ranging from about 45 sec to 120 sec the matured wine from the test-tube can be tasted and judged. This procedure is to be repeated 2-3 times until the cellar master has found the ideal degree of maturity for his wine according to his personal taste.

Step 2: Then he is connecting the wine barrel or tank to the WINOflux inlet flange (IN) using a flexible hose and another flexible hose from the outlet flange (OUT) to an empty container to take the matured wine. Thereafter he enters the time determined in step 1 on the control panel and presses the START button. That's all.

The wine will then be pumped through the VINOflux system where the accelerated maturation takes place into the empty container. After this the wine is mature and ready to be bottled, marketed and consumed.